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    Web Based Management and Control Solutions for Wireless GPS Tracking Systems   
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provides web based solutions to help manage your assets (trucks, trailers, cars, heavy equipment, etc.) from any web enabled device. GPSOnIt uses the latest technology from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our products provide cost savings for fleets (see the ROI Template), security though device location, accurate billing for service calls, mileage reports by state, and improved customer service by showing the closest asset to an address.

There are many terms used to describe the use of a GPS to locate and/or track assets. Some of the more frequently used are AVL (automated vehicle locating), Asset Tracking, Fleet Tracking, Personal Locators, etc. Conceptually they all start with locating a device. Secondly, the location information must be sent to a web server for display to a user. The communication from the tracking device to the server is most commonly done via Cellular Carriers or a Satellite Link.

  • Multiple map types to give you the best coverage for your area.
  • Multiple report formats including detail, overview, summary and interstate mileage for IFTA reports.
  • Live satellite mapping showing either a single asset or all of your assets simultaneously in real time.
  • Routing and find closest
  • Alerts for low battery, operating outside of normal business hours.
  • Starter disable to keep an asset from being restarted if stolen.

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Doing business in today's market means better, faster, cheaper. There is a lot of competition no matter which field your in. How can you get a leg up on your competitors and reduce your bottom line at the same time? Here some tips:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve performance to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve your risk profile by monitoring and eliminating excessive speed and unauthorized use.
  • Improve safety and perfomance of your drivers.
  • Reduce fleet operating costs.
  • Insurance Discounts

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The GPS market experts predict steady market growth for the next 15-20 years. Predictions show an expected market size of $757 Billion by 2017 in vehicle tracking, surveying, mapping, navigation, railway management, marine, aeronautical, land vehicle and electric power systems.We offer:

  • One of the most comprehensive, easy to use customizable interfaces in the market
  • Latest hardware technology
  • Low entry cost.
  • High commission.
  • Great Customer Service.

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