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Affordable, no nonsense, no ads, no proprietary devices. Just Tracking

Bring Your Own Device, We only sell devices that we have personally tested but if you already have a device that you are happy with let us know and we will see if we can support it.
We use our own products and have made every effort to make them easy to use but if you have suggestions let us know. We always strive to make it better.
If you are curious about how all the pieces fit together for a GPS tracking service to work, we have made a simple diagram.
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GPSOnIt includes all of the standard features you would expect with most services including, satellite mapping, geo-fencing, SMS Alerts etc... and some that you wouldn't like Alexa Voice interface. We believe the difference is that we use our own products and if our customers have helpful additions or changes we implement them.
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We are happy to answer your questions and trouble shoot any issues you may experience. The more detailed description the quicker we can understand, attempt to replicate and provide an answer.
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We know how important your privacy is. We do not sell your personal information. We protect your data using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and the latest encryption techniques.

Looking for something more? Since we write our own software we can build anything you can think of and some you can't'!...
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